In the last article we have studied lessons from the ants & the conies. In this article, we will study from the 3rd little yet exceeding wise creature.


Locusts are known to be very dangerous creatures. People have survived wars and plagues but when locusts come they buldoze and wipe out the entire crop and vegetation.

The Bible says, "The locusts have no king, yet go they forth all of them by bands". ( Prov. 30:27 )

Lessons to learn from locusts :

A) Partnership: Though they have no leader yet they walk together.

Friend, you cannot stand alone always, you need the help of others to reach your destiny. We need to develop the spirit of unity and oneness in our life. Unity is strength.

In the multitude of counselors there is safety

When the apostles were with one accord on the day of  Pentecost - God poured His Holy Spirit upon them. Choose to walk in love.

Anointing comes by association, surround yourself with right people of faith and love.

Ask God to bring people into your life who will help you to achieve God's purpose in your life and will help you use your full potential for His glory.

Align Yourself With The Holy Spirit - Move With Him and you will reach your Goal

B) Knowing the time: Do you know that the locusts do not have strength in their wings, but they use their legs to jump. Because of their weak wings they cannot fly, so they wait for the wind. No sooner the wind blows they jump and go with the wind. They depend on the wind to reach their destination. Beloved, you need to learn to wait and train yourself to hear the "Sound of the mighty rushing Wind" of the Holy Spirit and as soon as you hear the moving of the Spirit, let go every attachment that is holding you and align yourself with the Holy Spirit- move with Him and you will reach your goal. When is the time of the movement of the Holy Spirit; Right now the Holy Spirit is moving over your life. The wind is blowing again. So co-operate with Him. This is the Holy Spirit Season for your life!

Prayer And Praise Is The Only Act That Connects Us To God

C) Jump Heights: When the wind blows the locusts bend their knee and jump nearly 180-200 times higher than its own height.

To jump much higher in life and to move with the wind of the Holy Spirit we also need to bend our   knees in "Prayer and Praise '. Prayer and Praise is the only act that connects us to God, that lifts our spirit high into the presence of God. Never give up or reduce Prayer and Worship. At times when you feel you are low, then get alone with God, pray, lift up your hands and worship Him and you'll very soon catch up with the wind of God and you will soar high. You will reach the place that God has designed for you. Encourage yourself, begin to pray, praise and worship God and you will fly your way to your destiny.

God Bless You !!!

Bro S.R Manohar