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From the Father's Heart: Prisoner of Self to Prisoner of the Lord!

March 11, 2018

The devil had cast some of you into the prison to be tried and to have tribulation for a certain period of time. You lost your liberty, unable to decide or accomplish anything. All hopes gone, plans disintegrated and everything seems to be dark and dull. Your soul has been in agony. All future looks like continuous imprisonment. Your faith is tested, whether Jesus is all you need?

But amidst all your struggles, you still held on to Jesus. You have been faithful to death and didn’t give up; therefore you are going to come out of your internal struggles, bondage and prison NOW. God, who sent His Holy Spirit into the grave of Jesus and brought Him out, will send His Spirit INSIDE you, destroy every evil and self-life and bring you out of your internal prison. When this happens you will be so free, that out of your gratitude and love for the Lord, you will volunteer to become His prisoner. Offering yourself only to do His pleasure all the time.

Jesus will give you the crown of life. Crown for your head/mind because that is where all your intense battles were, but now your mind will receive life, joy and peace. Death/carnal nature will leave your mind. You will have the mind of Christ experientially. When Jesus gives you that crown you will not look at the crown but at the nail pierced hand that gives you the crown and you will love and kiss those beautiful Hands of Jesus. You will get the knowledge to give life to others in the midst of suffering and comfort to God. You will receive life over which death has no power.

Look forward to an immediate, not far, but immediate passing over - Passing over from your self-life into the life of God. The very life of Jesus will be offered to you. This is His great kindness towards you.

God bless you!

S. R. Manohar

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