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From the Father's Heart: New vine in New bottles

March 25, 2018

There is a new move of God/Revival coming that exceeds all other moves or Revivals. It will be far greater than all the previous Revivals on the face of this earth. It will be the THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST in and through His people. There will be a mighty demonstration of the character of Jesus and His power. The mighty revivals of the past were just a small glimpse of this oncoming move of God. He has preserved the best unto the last. Everyone in this world will get one more chance to hear about Jesus and turn to Him. The powers in the heavenly will get to know the multi-faceted wisdom of God. 

This move of God which is the type of the new vine will be poured only in the new bottles. In those who have allowed God to kill their self-life. Who have lovingly surrendered their self-will and are before God in absolute nothingness. Abandoned to Jesus with no other desire than to be His own. Allowing Him to do with them what He desires to do. Ministry or no ministry, but resting delightfully in His hands, loving His sweet will and seeking His exaltation alone.

Prepare yourself on these lines. The Holy Spirit will help you and Jesus will be formed in you in all His fullness. 

God bless you! Amen!!

S. R. Manohar

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