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From the Father's Heart: Overflowing love

May 13, 2018

As pride goes before fall and humility before honour in the same way knowing God's love (it's width, length, depth and height) goes before the fullness of God.

God will Baptize and immerse you completely into His love, i.e., into Himself, for He is Love. Along with all the saints you will know this love which is beyond human understanding and be filled with all the fullness of God and possess Him.

Death to self-life is in the Baptism of God's love. His jealous love will remove self/fallen nature from your soul and take you to Himself completely - Into a union that you have never experienced before and make you an abode of love. Then this love will flow through you to others. At last God has found a home to dwell and a vessel in and through whom He can accomplish His Will. As the Father dwelt in Jesus - spoke and worked through Him, in the same way Jesus will now dwell in you - speak and work through you. This pattern has been designed by God and it will surely come to pass. God will have many sons like Jesus, completely yielded to Him and filled with His overflowing love for others.

May the Lord make you one of His sons in these last days with His overflowing love and the revelation of Jesus Christ!

God bless you!

S. R. Manohar

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