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From the Father's Heart: Seeing the face of God

May 20, 2018

God had told Simon that he would not die till he sees the Lord's Christ. And when Simon saw Jesus, he said "Lord let me now depart in peace for mine eyes have seen Your Salvation".

God has ordained some of you to see Jesus in this life time. 

Your eyes will see what your heart has desired. 

Your eyes will see the King in His beauty. 

You will see the One Who sees you. 

God's time to unveil Himself to your spirit has come. You will meet Him and He will give Himself to you. You will know Him and start making Him known to others. Finally, His hour has come, it is always the moment that He chooses to pour Himself into you. 

Encourage yourself and worship Him alone for His fullness is about to come into His people and His glory will be revealed to the nations.

Be blessed!! 

S. R. Manohar

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