Daiva Sannidhi Mininistries ministers in a village called Patha Isukapalli in Kakinada rural, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh conducts conferences twice every year for Pastors, wherin a servant of God is invited to speak the Word of God.

Accordingly this year Bro. S. R. Manohar was invited to speak in the conference from July 17-July 20, 2017. Approximately 1200 members attended the conference including the pastors of Daiva Sannidhi Fellowship. 

 Bro. S. R. Manohar spoke for hours wonderfully on the theme "ABIDE IN CHRIST"  revealing God's Inner Attributes. All were greatly touched by the powerful Word of God. Great changes are seen in the lives of the servants of God and in their ministries who attended the conference. This conference revealed that we stand at surface level in the knowledge of Inner Nature of Christ. Now all have decided to minister abiding in the Inner Nature and Attributes of Christ. Hearing the testimonies of the people who have received the newness of mind ( New Nature of Christ) we are unable to remain silent but to glorify God for the great work that He has done in this conference.

Apostle R Sudhakar

Daiva Sannidhi Founder and Director