Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God does not come by just feeling the presence of God, or by following some religious activity.

Intimacy with God comes, only by hearing God and obeying Him on everyday basis. By daily asking God, "Lord, what do you want me to do today?" He then speaks to you and you do exactly what He tells you to do.

When Paul had an encounter with Jesus, he immediately asked the Lord, "what do you want me to do Lord?" and the Lord told him what he was to do. I believe, this was the way Paul lived the rest of his life. Hearing and obeying God everyday.

Every morning Jesus sought the Father to know what He wanted Him to do.

From Exodus to Deuteronomy several times it is written, 'God said to Moses' and 'Moses said to God'. Intimacy with God is communication both ways between God and us.

It is developed by hearing and obeying God. Discipline your life of prayer, train yourself to first obey the written Word of God and then the Holy Spirit will help you to hear the Spoken Word and obey