Process of our Spiritual growth in the Lord

Please read John 8:30-36

Believe – continue in His Word – be His disciple – know the truth – free from sin totally – sonship.

This is the order or the process of our spiritual growth in the Lord. Where are you in this process, at what stage?
Seek the Lord and move forward with intense and passionate desire to love and obey His Word. Come forth soon as a fully grown and a manifested son of God. The whole creation is waiting for you and you will redeem them (Rom.8:19–23). Let nothing stop you. Shake off what is binding you into the fire of God (Acts 28:3-5). God is with you and in you. The Holy Spirit will quicken/life you completely as you walk in the Spirit.

The secret of moving from where you are to where God wants you to be is OBEDIENCE. And to obey, you need to depend upon the Lord completely for His grace, help and mercy.

May the Lord rise inside you!

S R Manohar