This material has been a tremendous blessing to the Rays of Love Church, We highly recommend you to read every chapter as we upload. It has in it the history of Faith Homes, where a group of people were completely filled with Jesus and demonstrated the Glory of God.

God is making Jesus available to His people now in the same way and to the same degree.

This material will birth in you the hunger for union with Jesus in His Spirit of Lowliness,  Poverty and Mercy.

If you are merely curious, you wont find much interest in reading it. If you want to be subdued under Jesus then the following messages will fan that flame of Desire.

Rev. Douglas Detert is not only a close friend of Rays of Love but he also holds a B.A Degree from Harvard University and completed masters in theology at Central Bible College, Springfield, MO.He and his wife Millie subsequently ministered under David Wilkerson & Leonard Ravenhill. They spend nearly 30 years in training and service at the Zion Faith Homes,Illinois.

Chapter Description
1 God's Interaction with Man
3 The Original Work, 1907-1914
4 The Rising and Falling Work